If you do not mind waiting a few years for a voluminous hedge, our Hercules Hedge might be the right choice. Hercules Hedge are fully grown hedge plants, like EasyHedge. Also - like EasyHedge - they are pruned and trimmed and delivered in a way that carefully protects the roots of the plants. Compared to our Premium EasyHedge, Hercules Hedge lack a few years of growth. This means that Hercules Hedge behave more irregular. However, after two years, the plants quickly mature into dense hedges. Hercules Hedge are easy to plant, and you may preferably follow our planting and nursing instruction. We sell the sorts Privet and Beech in four different sizes ranging from 120-230 cm in height.
Privet ´Liga´ is a part of the well-known privet-species. A Privet is a partially evergreen hedge, which keeps the leaves during most of the winter. It is a bushy type of hedge with small green leaves. The Privet is compact in its branch structure, which makes it very functional as a cover.
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Green Beech is one of our bestsellers, which might be because of its many different looks throughout the year. In the spring, the Beech has fresh, soft green leaves, which turns even greener during the summer where they will also grow filthier and brighten up the garden.
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